What is a Travel or a Photo Workshop and why choose it instead of a regular trip?

A photographic journey allows you to deal with every single situation with just one goal, to make beautiful photographs without any hassle, with the awareness of being part of a homogeneous group of people who, like you, look in a single direction: photography.
Photographic Travels, as well as workshops, are designed for any enthusiast of photography: from neophy to the experienced amateur, no one excluded.

The common denominator is one: photography!

If during this summer or winter, you think to spend some days in Tromsø (Northern Norway) and you do not want to miss amazing landscapes, join with us with our:

Northern Lights Hunters (7-9 hours), starting at 18:30 from 1 450 Nok;
Arctic Landscapes day tour (6 hours), starting at 10:00, from 950 Nok;
Midnight sun bonfire (4-6 hours), starting at 19:00, from 1200 Nok;

Join to us to our photo travel or northern lights trips, and make your own pics an really artwork!



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