F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

These are the most popular questions about our way to work, and these are the answer about them!


How far in advance should I contact you? The advance is welcome
Do you work for more than one wedding or events per day? It depends. Usually we don’t.
What is the surcharge when moving? Inside the Lombardy region (Italy) every moving are free of charge, but outside Lombardy region we use the ACI table of transfer. Anyway, every amount exceeds will be be agreed with our customers.
What is the photography style that you use? Artistic, photojournalism, author, Fine Art
What kind of technology do you use? Digital. Upon request we can use analog film (photography only)
What instrumentation do you use? We are Canon partners! So, we use 2 Canon EOS 5Dmk3 or others camera’s bodies. A lot of lenses from 14mm up to 300 mm, from 1.4 up to 2.8 minimum focal. Drone DJI Mavic Pro. Sony A7s (Mirrorless camera) Sony PXW-FS7
Do you have any system for sharing photos online? Yes, SSL server on online website, or Dropbox folders or Wetransfer
Approximately, what are the delivery times of the finished product? It depends. Normally from 7 days up to 120 days. 
Do you deliver all the original copies? Yes, absolutely
Do you work alone or with a team of professionals? It depends. Normally we work in a team of 2 up to 4 people.
Do you avail of collaborators in the event of an unexpected event? Obviously! 
Do you reserve any right to publish photographs of the wedding? Yes! You’re the customer, all the pictures and videos belongs to you, but we have all the copyright on them. 
You charge per hour or per event? Per event/work
If necessary, would you be available to work extra hours? Sure!
How do you get paid for the extra hours? Usually you don’t pay us for the extra hours. The weddings takes all the time necessary to make it unique and spectacular. I do not watch the clock to go away. But, in case, we can manage together!
How to make the payment? We preferred the bank transfer, it’s easy and sure. But we accept cash or PayPal. (Bank Check Italy only).
How do you work? Photo reportage, I like telling the marvelous story of your wedding, standing on the sidelines and observing every single emotion, impressing it on the frame and making it immortal.

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